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Gail and Steve Dixon, the Organizers of the National HDT Rally, would like to welcome and invite everyone to attend this years National HDT Rally in Hutchinson, Kansas, from October 13 to 19, 2019

The mission of the National HDT Rally is to share information about the issues of obtaining, owning, and using an HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) as a 5th wheel RV Toter, and related products.

The Rally is a meeting of owners and people contemplating getting an HDT.  There are presentation sessions on subjects of interest to HDT’s and RVers in general.  There are social functions to build relationships with fellow RVers.

Safety is a main concern when using an HDT.

All RVers are invited. You do not need an HDT to attend  You do not need to be a member of Escapees or any other organization to attend the Rally.

At the Rally, you can sit and meet with HDT owners, tour HDT truck and RVs, get a sense of sitting in an HDT and maybe drive one.  This includes both spouses in most all activities. (Men are not allowed to attend the RDBE Meeting).  Depending upon availability, trucks rides and chances to drive a truck will be available.

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